Wine on Wednesday.


I burst into the wine shop, breathless, run to the counter and grip the edge. Loulou looks up from the crate she’s unpacking.

“Loulou! Guests, tonight. Dinner. Two reds. One, no two whites. Thirteenish each? Aaargh, what was the Greek one, John got it, maybe three months ago? I don’t know … ”

Loulou smiles. The woman knows wine. Just as important, she knows me: high anxiety. Cheap. Impatient. Dark reds, dry whites.

“I got it. No problem.”

Being told “No problem” usually pushes my nuclear nervous button, but Loulou always gets it. I follow her around the store as she picks two reds and two of the Greek white wine that she remembered John had purchased. Loulou knows what to pick and that when I’m frazzled, it’s best to lead me and place the picks in my hands … or not if I’m over-caffeinated and agitated.

I like to drink wine, but am clueless about how to pick it. I rely on Loulou and attend her wine classes. The next one is Wednesday, April 13 at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, from 7 – 9 pm. The focus is wines of South America. There will be wine, food from Madame Claude Cafe … and there will be Loulou.



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