Top ten.

Top ten favorite things my husband B has given me.

The list is guaranteed to omit many things. Items not listed in any particular order.

  • An iPod so i can listen to NPR and my favorite podcasts (This American Life, Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz) anywhere.
  • A subscription to The New Yorker because a little brown writer can dream big.
  • The ends of bread loaves, last spoonfuls of ice cream and bites of pies, cakes, and cookies, and the last gin-soaked olive in his martini.
  • A fleece-lined top and matching pants to pack for summer vacations because I get that cold post-swim even in July and August.
  • Learning to say “Cuidate” (Take care, be well) to accompany farewell hugs and kisses to my family.
  • Paying my dad a surprise midday hospital visit post-triple bypass, and surprising me when I arrived to find them both gossiping and giggling like two kids who’d cut class.
  • Knowing to stroke my hairline at the temple every time I’ve been in the hospital, very sick, or incapacitated by a panic attack.
  • Orange slices at mile six of half-marathons, and at miles seven, 14, and 21 of full marathons.
  • Dog Songs by Mary Oliver because I love dogs, worship Mary Oliver, and dream that maybe I can be a poet.
  • A box of assorted teas in January 2010 so I’d have something warm to drink during my days working from home in my new life as a writer.

He is my media naranja.

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