Telling Tales.

CaptureThe latest installment of my occasional contribution to the “Interview” section of KGB Bar Literary Magazine.

If you are a writer or poet with a recently or soon-to-be released work, and would like to be featured in “Telling Tales,” please contact me via email.

If you’re a publisher or agent, this Boricua has got a manuscript of tales that needs publication! Contact me via email regarding Underbelly, my collection of eight closely linked stories.

* * *

About Underbelly: The event that unifies the collection occurred the night I waddled into the hospital emergency room, nine months pregnant, in labor, and giddy. Forty-eight hours later, my husband John and I left the hospital with the death certificate of our stillborn baby boy. The collection’s structure reflects the resulting fractured reality and long journey to reintegrate the pieces of a woman, and a life, I feared might never be whole again.

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