Take This Moment.

Friday, December 14: Twenty-seven people were killed this morning at a Newtown, CT elementary school. Eighteen were children. An entire classroom still remains unaccounted for as of this posting.

The school teaches kindergarten through fourth grade. That’s five- to ten-year-olds. The gunman wore a bullet-proof vest and was armed with four weapons to confront unarmed children.

Selecting a child-size coffin is unnatural. Following that coffin down a church aisle, following the hearse that carries it to the cemetery, and watching the coffin be lowered into a child-size grave feels like you have been lit on fire. The flames don’t stop and you don’t die. Eighteen families will have to go through that hell.

Take this moment to think of these and all the affected families. Wish them peace and healing. If you have children, fall to your knees in gratitude that you can show them love, and do so. Every single day.

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