De-caffeinated and agitated.

We didn’t mean to hurt her, but she had breached the social contract. She had to be sacrificed to preserve the spirit of community. Here’s how it went down. Really. Sunday brunch was winding down in the dining hall. The resident artists and writers were getting ready for an afternoon of work. I stared at […]

The train to Vermont almost left without me. The train pulled into the station, and I confirmed with the conductor who stepped onto the platform that it was the Vermonter. I walked toward an open car door, my husband B beside me and pulling my traffic-cone orange behemoth bag. I turned to take my bag […]

Packing lite.

I’ll be away from home for one month. I planned carefully for weeks to take only what is essential; however, I can create an effective packing list only after I return home from any trip. That’s when I see the “essential” items that were unworn and unused. I’ll discover in July what I could have […]