Letter to the editor.

I received the text from my father-in-law around midday. “I see you got published in the NYT.” I was but had not told anyone. The New York Times published my letter to the editor in the print and online versions of today’s paper. I wrote in response to a Saturday, January 23 article on Post […]

Battle gear.

Yesterday on the Brian Lehrer show, Emily Spivack spoke about Worn Stories, her new book that examines how clothes are more than just a fashion statement. Clothes reveal something about who we are and how we wish to present ourselves to the world. The book features photos of public figures accompanied by brief personal essays […]


“With Deepest Gratitude,” one of the pieces in my will-it-ever-be-published collection, is posted on Reconceiving Loss. I am thankful each time I am published, but I wish this wasn’t my story to tell. I break a little bit every time I share it. I don’t know if this will ever change; I do believe that […]

Telling Tales.

The latest installment of my occasional contribution to the “Interview” section of KGB Bar Literary Magazine. If you are a writer or poet with a recently or soon-to-be released work, and would like to be featured in “Telling Tales,” please contact me via email. If you’re a publisher or agent, this Boricua has got a […]

It hurts to be nice.

Being nice can hurt. It’s been four weeks since I realized this, but I still can’t write it as a clever story. I’ll just tell what happened. I donated the baby items that were in the closet in the spare bedroom. I’m compulsively organized, but I never labeled the boxes when I packed them up […]