It hurts to be nice.

Being nice can hurt. It’s been four weeks since I realized this, but I still can’t write it as a clever story. I’ll just tell what happened. I donated the baby items that were in the closet in the spare bedroom. I’m compulsively organized, but I never labeled the boxes when I packed them up […]


Sunday, December 23: I watch “What Not To Wear”. It’s my secret guilty pleasure. The 360º-room is my favorite segment. Fashion offenders stand in the harshly lit mirrored stall, dressed in outfits from their personal wardrobe. I sit on the couch, fragrant in my re-used running clothes, and nod in agreement with the style experts’ […]

Yes Or No?

Saturday, December 15: Being nice is a choice. This morning I waited to dart-and-dodge across the six lanes of Route 139 and get my run started. I savored the moment’s perfectness: it was well before 9:00 a.m., clear, sunny, dry pavement, no wind. My legs felt fresh, and I was comfortable in my high-tech, wick-away-the-stench […]

Be Nice? Dare Me.

Wednesday, December 12: I’m not an overly greedy woman. My Christmas wishes are simple. For example, I wish not to be flattened by a bus or garbage truck or newspaper delivery van or distracted driver before eight o’clock in the morning. However, there are those in this world whose daily mission is my destruction. I […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Monday, December 10: My being-nice-before-Christmas project is teaching me a lot of things. Today’s lesson: I wake up with two women every morning. They don’t get along, and compete for my attention every day. It’s tiring to be wanted so much all the time. Scrooge-Nancy is unfiltered in her comments and outrageous in her actions. […]

No Is Nice.

Friday, December 7: Sometimes “no thank you” is the nicest thing to say. Example #1: I bought my post-run extra large coffee at Manny’s Deli this morning. My favorite crossing guard stood boldly in the midst of rush-hour traffic on Summit Avenue. The woman doesn’t need a whistle to stop cars, buses, or trucks: she […]

Bah Humbug Be Gone.

I read recently that in our forties, we’re wise enough to acknowledge our bad habits and negative personality traits, and pliable enough to reform and avoid becoming cranky, nasty, annoying geezers. I’ve been cranky, nasty, and annoying since birth, and I become even more aware of it during the holiday season. I almost tossed rocks […]