Say something. Get nothing.

I barely notice the weekly hit-and-run accidents at the intersection of Liberty and St. Paul’s Avenues anymore. Always the same point of impact, always the same victim. The only variety in the routine is where the body ends up: Did the impact send it flying onto someone’s front lawn? Did it land on the stinky, […]

Crosswalk or crosshairs?

There’s been another hit-and-run at the intersection of St. Paul’s and Liberty Avenues. It’s the third this week. I saw the victim this morning as I approached the intersection, crossing myself before crossing St. Paul’s Avenue during the morning rush. The victim was twisted into an unnatural angle, marked with tire tread prints, and leaned […]

Let’s pretend.

In my urban corner of the Garden State, it’s important that the people dressed for the role of traffic safety play their part. While I have complaints about some individuals, I don’t want to ignore the efforts of most. I appreciate the police officers who wear their mirrored sunglasses authoritatively, step into the road, hold […]