Noodling. (part one of an in-progress series)

On Sunday, July 9, I swam to the middle of Indian Lake. It’s taken me these past four weeks to begin to write about that event. I have not been procrastinating. I just haven’t known where to start. I know myself as a writer and a person, and this is a sign that there is […]

Swimming in the deep.

  The woman was worried about her butt; however, that was not the first thing I noticed when I turned to look at her.  I was in the women’s locker room, post-Saturday morning swim class. Another woman in the locker room commented aloud about her butt, specifically her dissatisfaction with it because it looked “like […]

Bay watch.

She had shaved six seconds off her time in the 50-meter freestyle. That meant the front crawl, non-stop, across one full length of an Olympic-sized pool. She was bummed that she’d only placed second that day at a spring meet in Princeton. As in the university, not just the town. She was intense. She could […]