Post-Sandy musings: Keeping the peace.

My husband B and I are without electricity, but a lot of time, during these post-hurricane days. It’s been an opportunity to expand his Spanish vocabulary. Today’s word was the noun pala, which means shovel, but also means having an “in”, pull, or connections.  I used it in a sentence to help him understand. “The […]


The voice in my head spoke in Spanish. “¿Estas loca?” she asked. I had to be crazy to pay nine dollars for a sandwich of pale ham on a roll smaller than my fist. The voice had already pointed out that I was a fool to pay the admission fee for my husband B and […]

Peeing in the fields of the Lord.

I’m Latina and Catholic, so all things related to the body are sinful. Like my constant need to pee. When God doled out bladders, He gave me an extra small to be a constant test of my will and patience. I fail every day. I lie to use restrooms meant for “customers only”, sprint into […]