Get lost.

She’s not always right, but she never admits it. She repeats herself, assured of her superiority and my blind submission. If I don’t follow, she stops talking to me. “You seem to know it all,” her silence communicates loud and clear. “I’ll just sit here and recalculate while you get lost.” She’s the self-important sounding […]

Three kings.

three kings_audio When I was a child, the kitchen was my family’s world. Broadway theaters, midtown office towers, and Lincoln Center operas were only blocks away, but my parents’ island home ruled our days: from the radio dial tuned to the Spanish-language news station to the herbs my mother grew on the windowsill that were […]

Peeing in the fields of the Lord.

I’m Latina and Catholic, so all things related to the body are sinful. Like my constant need to pee. When God doled out bladders, He gave me an extra small to be a constant test of my will and patience. I fail every day. I lie to use restrooms meant for “customers only”, sprint into […]