Nothing personal.

I knew the news was bad if it needed to be delivered by a specialist. The terminal prognosis for “strategic misalignment” wasn’t what upset me most. It was the fact that I was being laid off and that honesty is obviously not human resources policy. I’m not suggesting these professionals lie but their euphemistic-heavy language, […]

Even chickens are cage-free.

We are no different from dogs. We might be scrubbed and suited but we’re penned in our cubicles same as surplus dogs warehoused in pounds. Company-issued name plates on the putty-colored dividers designate our spaces. Pedigreed, mixed-breed, sociable or prone to nipping, we all end up contained and alone. There’s no privacy in this isolation. […]

Everybody loves a surprise.

Steve Slater’s appeal doesn’t surprise me. Lots of jobs have made me angry and I wish I’d done a public announcement kiss-off like Steve. I would have told the colleagues – from accountants to sales people – who told me how I should write what they could do with their writing instruction. I would have […]