More than the eye can see.

Duke is walking more slowly and his breathing is more labored. I noticed last week that he needs more frequent stops to sit and rest. He’s 14 years old; that’s about 98 in human years. At his advanced age, these developments aren’t surprising. The old dog is entitled to plop himself down and catch his […]

Therapy dog.

therapy dog_audio My therapist reminds me that life is a process and requires patience. I need a lot of reminding because developing patience takes too damn long. So every week, I sit on her couch and talk, she listens and guides, then I pay. Therapy has brought me a long way, but Daisy helped me […]

Use only as directed.

audio_use as directed I stood before the bathroom mirror. It was 6:30 a.m. I’d only gotten four hours of bad sleep. I had Preparation H on my face. I know it is meant for the butt. Its journey to my face was circuitous, so get comfortable and pay attention. I have bags under my eyes. […]

Dog days.

Every day for one week in June, I swore, “Never. Again.” And each day I was back, crawling on the Browns’ bedroom floor, cooing, “Baby. Come here, Baby.” It wasn’t anything kinky — I’m unemployed but still have some limits. The Browns were my first dog walking clients and Baby Boo their seven-pound Maltese. “Baby […]