Be Nice? Dare Me.

Wednesday, December 12: I’m not an overly greedy woman. My Christmas wishes are simple. For example, I wish not to be flattened by a bus or garbage truck or newspaper delivery van or distracted driver before eight o’clock in the morning. However, there are those in this world whose daily mission is my destruction. I […]

No Is Nice.

Friday, December 7: Sometimes “no thank you” is the nicest thing to say. Example #1: I bought my post-run extra large coffee at Manny’s Deli this morning. My favorite crossing guard stood boldly in the midst of rush-hour traffic on Summit Avenue. The woman doesn’t need a whistle to stop cars, buses, or trucks: she […]

Let’s pretend.

In my urban corner of the Garden State, it’s important that the people dressed for the role of traffic safety play their part. While I have complaints about some individuals, I don’t want to ignore the efforts of most. I appreciate the police officers who wear their mirrored sunglasses authoritatively, step into the road, hold […]