The voice in my head spoke in Spanish. “¿Estas loca?” she asked. I had to be crazy to pay nine dollars for a sandwich of pale ham on a roll smaller than my fist. The voice had already pointed out that I was a fool to pay the admission fee for my husband B and […]


Two life-sized statues of me will be built in my honor: one in Newark, New Jersey, and the other in the central plaza of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. I will insist that the statues remain covered in bird shit. Baskets of hand-milled, multigrain bread crumbs will draw birds from miles away, and their avian intestines […]

Three kings.

three kings_audio When I was a child, the kitchen was my family’s world. Broadway theaters, midtown office towers, and Lincoln Center operas were only blocks away, but my parents’ island home ruled our days: from the radio dial tuned to the Spanish-language news station to the herbs my mother grew on the windowsill that were […]