Bah Humbug Nibbles.

Tuesday, December 4:  Today I encountered two challenges to my becoming-a-nicer-Nancy mission. The first is solitude. I work largely from home, and some days my only interactions (other than with my husband B) are virtual. It’s hard to be nice to other people when you don’t see anyone for eight-hour stretches. This morning I wondered […]

Bye-bye Bah Humbug.

Monday, December 3: Grading freshman research papers kills my goodwill, generosity, and patience. I spent today’s few winter daylight hours indoors and in a prolonged state of deja vu. Hello comma splices, disagreeing subjects and verbs, unfocused paragraphs, and triple spacing. Haven’t I seen you all some place before? The semester’s first (second, third, and […]

Bah Humbug Be Gone.

I read recently that in our forties, we’re wise enough to acknowledge our bad habits and negative personality traits, and pliable enough to reform and avoid becoming cranky, nasty, annoying geezers. I’ve been cranky, nasty, and annoying since birth, and I become even more aware of it during the holiday season. I almost tossed rocks […]