Say what?

People say the darndest things. Following are highlights of things that have made me wonder, “Did they say what I think they said?”

Feel free to comment and share your favorite things that made you go hmmm…

Note: All the quotes are true.

  • “The Spanish they speak in Portugal is different than the Spanish they speak in Spain.” — former colleague upon return from trip to Portugal (Unspoken thought: Perhaps it’s because they speak Portugese.)
  • “I think I read in the paper that, like, Puerto Rico might become the 52nd state!” — unfortunately misguided friend (Unspoken thought: Seems I missed the news about the 51st state.)
  • “Those homosexuals can be very queer.” — relative after viewing Brokeback Mountain (Note: She was not aware the film would be about “cowboys kissing and hugging.”)
  • “It’s nothing personal, but are you surprised?” — human resources manager after informing me that my position had been eliminated due to budget cuts
  • “Overall, your performance has been great, no complaints. Oh, there is one thing. I’ve noticed in meetings that you take notes real slowly. Maybe that’s an area to work on. Yeah, let’s write that down in your evaluation.” — weenie manager providing feedback during annual performance review at corporate job
  • “Oh no, Miss Nancy, that’s not a G-rated word!” — second grader in response to my use of the word “jerk” in the class I was teaching
  • “Maybe God just didn’t mean for you to be a mother right now.” — acquaintance in response to the news of my son’s death
  • “Okay, let’s get started on to the subject I know the most about: me.” — male dinner companion on a first (and last) date
  • “So when they measure snow in inches, what does that mean?” — somewhat challenged friend

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