Pa’ mi gente.


Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico earlier today.

I’m a nuyorican, born and raised in the U.S. On the mainland, I’m often told I don’t look or sound Puerto Rican. On the island, boricuas look at me suspect, and whisper gringa behind my back. But make no mistake: the island is in my heart and flavors my soul.

Puerto Ricans are not the only ones with challenges right now; compared to others going through much worse with much less, we are blessed. My heart still aches for my island.

I’m just one small brown woman who dreams of doing something big for mi gente. I wouldn’t be who or where I am without the boricuas who support me, and that spirit of siempre pa’lante, no matter what.

As I work toward that Pulitzer that will make my gente proud, I share my tribute to the riches of Puerto Rico.

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