I’m no poet.

April is National Poetry Month. In anticipation, I share one of the first poems I’ve written in over 20 years. Much different than the depressive no-one-understands-me-so-I-listen-to-Joy-Division drivel I wrote in high school!

Be bold and try writing a poem. Be bolder and share it!


Us Two
(for Brisco)

Me and you
through a blue line
Your black nail taps
answer my leash jingle
Your eager lead
trot my feet
across the dew 

I understand
what pulls you
as you pull me
up the dune path

slack blue line
means Stop
and I do

kneeling beside you
black eyes closed
to the bay flats endless before us
the breeze flares and twitches
the slit of your nose

Smell that
it says
Breathe it
It’s ours
you respond
to my forehead on your crown
and my fingers on the leash latch

Click means Go
and you do
spray moist sand on my shins
a sudden stop
and wink
over your shoulder
means Come
and I do

drop the blue line
and run after you
us two
weaving lines
of prints and steps

you always a puppy
forever a child
as the day shines anew

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