How to eat ice cream.

(Excerpt from Every Last Drop, posted on September 28, 2015.)

Mami and I are long-time, ice-cream eating professionals. We don’t waste a drop. We have a system: Lick around the edge of the scoop first, then continue toward the top to eliminate overhang. Nudge the scoop with your tongue into the cone opening; not too hard or the cone will crack. The goal is to ease the ice cream into the stem of the cone as you lick and nibble your way down. The reward is the ice cream-stuffed cone end, a mini cup to pop into your mouth so you can savor the crisp and the cream in the last chews.

We celebrated Mother’s Day today with a cone each: Mami with cherry vanilla, me with rum raisin.

She’s taught me to savor all that is delicious about ice cream and life.

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