Update before I break.

Weekly postings to the blog will be on hiatus for the month of February. I am focused on completion of my manuscript, which I will submit for two prizes. February 28 is the deadline for both — wish me luck! In the meantime, I will re-post links to past stories on my Facebook page (be […]

Packing lite.

I’ll be away from home for one month. I planned carefully for weeks to take only what is essential; however, I can create an effective packing list only after I return home from any trip. That’s when I see the “essential” items that were unworn and unused. I’ll discover in July what I could have […]

Leave it on the road.

  Regret weighs more than disappointment. I was a ruthless runner. Sub-seven minute miles and qualifying for the Boston marathon were my driving goals, and my motto was “Leave it on the road”. I gave my all in every run, whether it was a morning five-miler, a 5K for a local charity, or the NYC […]