Going public. (part four of an in-progress series)

(Refresh your memory: Click here for part three.)   I blame Sofie. I was nervous about sitting in the backseat of the Honda CRV. It was a two-hour drive from the Albany train station to the artists center. Sitting in the front passenger seat would isolate me from the two fellow residents in the backseat, […]

Wish granted. (part three of an in-progress series)

The first time was in the back seat of a Honda CRV. It was unexpected. I had anticipated the opposite that morning: the day was supposed to be the beginning of one month alone. Before the magic in the Honda, I arrived to the Albany train station and reminded myself that I had resolved to […]

No friends, no fear. (part two of an in-progress series)

  People were the problem. Four weeks in the Adirondacks were the solution. No wifi. No cell phone service. No accessible town with coffee shops or bars or bodegas that sold fistfuls of Laffy Taffy and Swedish Fish for fifty cents. One month at a lake-front artists colony in a small hamlet two hours north […]

In Full Color

La Nancy. Spoken word performer? Storyteller? Narrative artist? I’m still unsure how to name the latest addition to my increasing list of roles. I am sure that I was honored to have been selected for the 2016 production of In Full Color. Directed by Summer Dawn Hortillosa and staged by Art House Productions, the show […]

Prom queen dreams.

(Originally posted April 2013.) I’m looking for a prom date. I’m also 44 years old. I’m not having a mid-life crisis. I don’t cruise local pizzerias to ogle teenage boys. My situation is dire. I’m a writer with a finished manuscript and hopes of publication. The query process to agents and publishers gives me flashbacks […]

Spring and new spaces.

I felt hopeful on Sunday, March 8. The sun was out, the temperature was above forty degrees, and because daylight savings time had begun at 2:00 a.m., I looked forward to walking outdoors and enjoying daylight past 4:30 p.m. I left for Manhattan at midday. My destination: Into Our Space, a reading and networking event […]


Things that have terrified me so far about attending the writers’ seminar on Martha’s Vineyard (in no particular order): Ethnic hair care Last summer’s desperate and fruitless search for a satin hair bonnet on Cape Cod highlighted that the basic necessities of ethnic hair care cannot be found outside of urban areas. Put another way: […]

Telling Tales.

The latest installment of my contribution to the “Interview” section of KGB Bar Literary Magazine. If you are a writer or poet with a recently or soon-to-be released work, and would like to be featured in “Telling Tales,” please contact me via email.   If you’re a publisher or agent, this Boricua seeks representation and […]