Ahead in the race.

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Starbucks thought it was being progressive with its failed “Race Together” campaign. Ordering coffee at my local bodegas and corner stores has been occasion for my “dialogue-ing” about race, ethnicity, and culture for as long as I’ve been drinking coffee. Some of you may remember “Cafe con leche,” posted in 2011. For those of you who don’t remember it (or maybe you missed it?), click and refresh your memory.

I dig the approach Vernicia Colon and Pedro Medina took: ordering coffee as an opportunity for exploring racial identity and cultural assumptions. Their project was covered in The New York Times on Monday, March 30 in “Before Starbucks, a Bronx Cafe Blended Coffee and Racial Dialogue.”  Colon and Medina’s pop-up coffee shop was located in the South Bronx, and provided la gente with brews and an opportunity to explore who they are and how they are seen. The experiences in the South Bronx were what Starbucks’ nationally employed tag line was not: real. Local gente, often underserved in more respects than just coffee selections,were given a forum to explore their place in the world during the course of their daily life.

This is the second time this week that topics in the news had already been covered by this boricua on la bloga. Hmm…

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2 thoughts on “Ahead in the race.

  1. I don’t know what Starbucks was thinking.
    My only feeling is that since most people take their coffee seriously, that maybe they would take the race issue seriously while ordering coffee

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